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Internet Marketing Depends on Content Marketing

The year 2017 has brought along a considerable increase in content marketing opportunities. Shared office spaces are taking over traditional office spaces and it’s no secret that they’re doing a much better job. Content writing is the power if a company or individual would like to run affiliate marketing. marketing strategies depend on proper digital marketing. Nowadays, internet marketing depends on proper co-writing. With traditional office space rent skyrocketing and lease tenures being too long, it comes as no surprise that more and more companies are switching to co-working spaces. We should care about some basic rules while applying content marketing in our business.

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Content Marketing

There is huge marketing strategy inside the content marketing which should be followed while expanding a business.

A number of changes can be seen happening in 2017. Night co-working is about to be a huge hit in Bangladesh. With companies catering to international clients, the need to work nights is on the rise. Not a lot of co-working spaces are offering night co-working options. But with the rising demand, the supply will also definitely increase. Places like Socials that turn into pubs at night would probably not be able to offer night co-working. You can’t really have a client call while there’s Hey Mama playing in the back. Other spaces have a great window for expanding their services. Most of the day coworkers leave by 9 pm -10 pm. Post that, the place can surely turn into a night co-working space.

Corporate companies are also opting for co-working spaces when looking for a native office space. A good example would be a company in Dhaka that’s looking to open a branch in Chittagong. Now imagine them only having a handful of people working, around 10-12 people. Why would they opt for a 3-year contract with exceptionally high rent prices? For a new branch being tested out, a better option would be a co-working space with a short contract. They can even have a simple 6-month contract at a shared office space that offers a private room. The rent would only be a few thousand and they can always choose to opt out when they want with a short notice period.

Not only the agency or corporations, freelancers, and outsourcing workers are all overworked in a co-working space like ants on sugar. Almost every organization has freelancers and computer operators working for them, be it a content writer, graphic designer, a social media handler, communicator, typewriter anything. All these workers need a place to work out that is within their budget and gives them a professional feel to get in the mood to work. Most of the coworking spaces are taken up by freelancers, some of whom are even working full-time for the better salary.

Technology is playing a key role in co-working spaces in online marketing. Apart from the high-speed internet, other facilities that will help improve user experience at such places will also have to be implemented. Shared office spaces are focusing on needs that are not being currently met and trying to provide a solution for better services.

Dhaka Co-working, pioneers of the co-working space industry, offer affordable shared office spaces in  Chittagong or Rangpur for day co-working as well as night co-working. Check out their quirky office space with unique facilities for a great co-working experience. One of the first co-working spaces to provide night co-working as an option in Dhaka, they have flexible options and affordable payment plans for every user.

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