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The Best Grammar Checker Tool Online, Grammarly Review

Introduction to Grammarly

What if a world-class English teacher helps you to correct spelling, grammatical error and suggest some best alternative words while writing? Yes, today I am going to introduce you to the best grammar checker tool online. I will write an honest review of Grammarly’s Free Grammar Checker. It can correct all grammar errors and check for plagiarism – instant and free!

Grammarly helps to improve our writing skill and to check readability, grammar, and spelling of content. Grammarly is known as a virtual assistant and robotic English teacher! It will help you non-stop 24 hours and 7 days. I know you are thinking that I am just kidding you! Really, this best grammar and spell checker tool will help you build your writing skill. If you use Grammarly, I’m sure you will enjoy your writing with the bold confidence.

There are several grammar checker tools, but Grammarly works better than others. That is why I use this tool to write anything online. Even writing a short comment or message, I take the help of Grammarly.

Can you guarantee that there is no error in your writing?

Can you assure that your writing is easy to read and understand?

Can you make proper use of phrase and clause?

Grammarly can fix almost every spell mistake and grammatical error. Not that all. It suggests alternative words which are the perfect match, easy to understand and looks professional in the sentence. Grammarly plays an essential role while writing a blog post, book chapter and article. I’m using this best spell and grammar checker tool for the last two years.

Pricing and Plan

Grammarly has both free and paid version. Let me break down all the plans and features step-by-step.

Comparison between Grammarly free and premium accounts
Comparison between Grammarly free and premium accounts

Grammarly Free Account

You can check grammatical and spelling error and fix them. You can also make proper use of comma, full-stop, quotation, hyphen, semicolon and other syntax error. The free plan includes these fundamental features. There are some limitations in advance and most useful features. You can use Grammarly lifetime free account to check your writing and build your English skills.

Grammarly Premium Account

While I’m writing this article in 2018, at this moment, there is three premium plan of Grammarly. If you purchase one of these plans, you can enjoy all the basic and advanced features provided by Grammarly.

Advanced features include the following privileges:

  • Provide suggestion of alternative and suitable words.
  • Detect the abuse and overuse of passive voice.
  • Detect an incomplete sentence and suggest to complete the sentence.
  • Use of appropriate Article and Preposition
  • Advance grammatical error detection and correction.
  • Sentence structure maintenance
  • Advanced punctuation, grammar and context checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
Grammarly Plans and Pricing
Grammarly Plans and Pricing

For Whom Grammarly Is?

The users who are not more familiar with English grammar can surely use Grammarly to check their writing. If you have a stock of the large volume of vocabulary but don’t know the proper structure of English grammar, this best grammar checker tool online, Grammarly will help you as your best friend as well as the best teacher in the World! You can start your writing independently without fear of mistake. Because while you will make a writing mistake, instantly Grammarly will help to indicate the error and also provide the best suggestion to correct the mistake.

The people whose primary language is not English can use Grammarly to boost their writing skills. You can use Grammarly if you are not familiar with writing or speaking very often. If you don’t have enough stock of English vocabulary, just start writing with those words which are familiar to you. Don’t worry about using perfect and suitable words in the appropriate place. Grammarly will suggest you some suitable words instead of using some cheap or ordinary words.  For example, you are writing the following sentence in your own words:

Your sentence: The English language has changed my life nicely.

Grammarly suggestion: The English language has changed my life amazingly.

Here Grammarly thinks that it’s better to use the word ‘amazingly’ instead of using nicely.

Grammarly to Check Outsourced Article from Writer

We hire a writer from different content writing marketplaces such as HireWriters, Iwriter, and CopyWriterToday. We also outsource content from the general freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer and many others outsourcing platforms. The maximum relationship between buyers and freelancers is new. They don’t know each other personally at the first time contract. So, buyers won’t know the quality of an unknown writer, and it’s a normal matter. That’s why it is the best practice to review the outsourced content manually or by software. In this case, Grammarly can help you amazingly to check the quality of the writer’s content. If you go through the manual review process, it will take lots of time to check. By manual checking, you may overlook some grammatical error and some other fatal mistake in the writing. However, if you use Grammarly, you can easily find out all the grammatical error in less than 5 seconds. This amazing proofreading tool highlights all the error and provides the suggestion of proper correction. Thus, you may relax and keep yourself tension free while outsourcing content from an unknown writer.

How to Use Grammarly Easily

There are several ways to use this awesome grammar checker tool. All the ways are pretty much easy. You don’t need to have any technical or programming knowledge to use this Grammarly. Now, let me explain how all the processes work step by step.

Chrome Extension

You can install Grammarly extension in one of the most popular internet browsers, Google Chrome. The installing process takes less than one minute to finish. Add the extension to your browser, sign up and make an account with your best email address and start using the tool. Grammarly extension will help you where you will write online on any form even while writing a message to your friends. If you use Google Chrome browser to open your mailbox and start writing a mail, Grammarly is also present there to assist you. Thus you can improve your email writing skill. Sign up and install Grammarly extension on your Google Chrome browser in less than 1 minute right now.

Grammarly extension for Google Chrome
Grammarly extension for Google Chrome

Desktop Version

You can download and install the Grammarly software from their website. While proceeding to download, you need to choose your operating system where you are going to install it. For example, I’m using windows 10, and that’s why I have downloaded the software for windows version. The interface is similar to Google Docs and other text editor software. Here is the screenshot of my desktop software.

Grammarly Desktop Version
Grammarly Desktop Version

Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office

While writing in your Microsoft Office Word, you can check and validate your writings by using Grammarly Add-In. It’s also an easy method to install. Go to the website of Grammarly, download and install the Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office. Right now while writing this article I’m also using the Add-in in my MS Office. Feel free to look at the screenshot of my writing interface below:

Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office
Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office

Grammarly on Mobile Keyboard

Not only on the personal computer but also you can use Grammarly on your mobile keyboard. Nowadays people are more involved with a mobile phone than any other communication devices. So, you can install Grammarly on your mobile device. Don’t worry about the operating system you are using on your phone. Grammarly has recently released their mobile version software for both Android and iOS.

You can use any of four processes I’ve shown you above. If you need all the process of checking grammar, you can install both Google Chrome extension, desktop software, Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office and on your mobile keyboard according to your need.

Explanation of Words

I’m improving my English skill and increasing the stock of vocabulary by using the Grammarly Chrome extension. While reading content online, if I face an unknown word I just double click on the word, and Grammarly explains the meaning of the word from its large collection of the database. There is an option ‘Show Definitions and Synonyms via Double Clicks.’ You should enable the feature to display pop-up definitions when double-clicking a word.

Grammarly feature to show Definitions and Synonyms via Double Clicks for All Sites
Grammarly feature to show Definitions and Synonyms via Double Clicks for All Sites

I’ve double clicked on the word ‘memories’ to show you the use of the feature. You can see above in the screenshot that Grammarly has shown three explanations about the clicked word. I’ve been enjoying this amazing feature for last two years and continuously improving my English skill. Grammarly allows us to know how to learn English properly in the correct way. Probably for this feature, I’ve rated Grammarly as the best grammar checker tool online.



  • Higher accuracy of grammar and spell checking.
  • Works fast in the real time.
  • Cross-platform independent. Can be used both on Linux, Windows, Mac and other platforms.
  • Software Availability of desktop, Mobile, Browser, Microsoft Office Add-In.
  • Great useful for new writers.
  • Useful for creating e-book, book chapter, blog post.
  • Have both British and US English
  • Premium plan includes many facilities to improve writing skills.


  • The monthly pricing is high. So, buy quarterly or yearly plan.
  • The free version has a limited amount of features.
  • Offline editing feature is not available.

Overall Review of The Best Grammar Checker Tool Online

Though Grammarly is a little bit costly, it is the best grammar, spell and readability checker tools. If you are from non-native English speaking country, weak in English language or a new writer, you are going to use the best grammar checker tool from now. I can highly assure you that Grammarly is worth for both your time and money you will spend to go premium.

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