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Garlic: Works Magically to Reduce Belly Fat and Control High Blood Pressure

In herbal treatment method, garlic is called a great medicine. It is said as magical belly fat burner. Garlic is an ideal grocery that is not only used as a spices in cooking foods but also used for various health maintenance purpose. It is widely used to reduce excess body fat, belly fat and control hypertension. It is often used to prevent or treatment of common cold, cough, pain in hands and legs, general body ache, hysteria and so on.

Eat Garlic Be Healthy

Let’s know the wide range use of garlic in herbal treatment process:

To control high blood pressure garlic will give a great result. We know high blood pressure is a non-communicable chronic disease. People of more than 20 years age are commonly suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. Once affected it remains with you until death. But you can keep it under control of you. The very common causes of high blood pressure are stress, anxiety, excessive tension, mental pressure, sedentary life style, intake of rich fatty foods, smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise etc. High blood pressure can lead to stroke, gradually resulting in paralysis or may cause death. So, it’s very essential to keep your blood pressure under control. Simply maintaining following habits you can control your blood pressure.

honey and garlic mix

Avoid fatty foods, smoking alcohol, stress, take regular simple exercise and eat raw garlic at morning daily. You can eat it with milk or water thus you can easily control high blood pressure. Also use garlic as spices during cooking foods. It will increase the taste of your foods as well as help you control blood pressure.

Now a days, overweight, belly fat are very common irritating health problems. People suffering from these problems, are looking for various ways to get rid of these evil. They try several medicine, exercise and so on. Herbal medicine advices that to eat two or three pieces of co-garlic with two tea spoon of honey with a glass of water. Take it regularly at morning in an empty stomach. It will increase your metabolic rate, help you burn belly fats and get a flat tummy. You should take your breakfast after 30 minutes following taking garlic-honey water. This way, you can simply remove excess body fat. So, try it from today. You will get better result within one-two weeks.

Mustard Oil And Garlic

Garlic is used with mustard oil to keep body warm specifically in rainy days and in winter season. It will help you to prevent the catch of common cold. Mother use garlic fried with mustard oil for their babies. It works very well in general bone pain, pain in hands and legs, body ache. It provides relieve from pain.

garlic fried on the mustard oil

Make pickles with garlic, ginger, grapes, sugar, tasting salt, coriander powder, and cumin powder and mustard oil. This pickles is useful to get relieve of distastes on foods. It will increase your hunger and also help in good digestion.

If you have headache, rub garlic juice behind your ears. It is very effective to relieve from headache. It is also effective to relieve from forehead pain. Take the garlic juice by your nose it will works better.

garlic and co-garlic

We should use garlic as a compulsory spices while cooking and also eat raw garlic to get rid of various diseases and health problems. Regular intake of garlic we can lead healthy and energetic life. So, we should keep it on our daily food recipe.

Garlic, honey and garlic,

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