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Home Decoration Color Board to Teach You to Take a Colorful Home

Color is the most powerful decoration, they can make the same thing completely different, and different colors will bring you a different mood, so for the home decoration, the choice of color is very important. The most popular home décor stores can suggest you best to choose a color for home decoration. Now a days there are several organizations to help you getting home décor ideas or interior design ideas. Today for everyone to introduce 10 home decoration color palette tips to help you find for their own home color match, so you spend the shortest time and put the best home decoration effect.

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Tip 1: Clothing Color Can be used with the Home Decoration Design

Look at their own wardrobe, usually their favorite dress color is the most suitable for their own aesthetic with the way. For example, you wear a mustard yellow clothes does not look good, then you’d better not choose this color as the color of the sofa, the area is too large will cause a sense of oppression. In general, most of the area should be used to decorate the neutral color, with some bright jump color of the small area of the adjustment of home furnishings, add some lively atmosphere and will not seem chaotic.

Tip 2: The Use of Complementary Colors and Similar Colors with Home Design

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We can refer to the color chart in the figure, the opposite color for the complementary color, the adjacent color is similar to the color, if you encounter color with the problem, you can refer to the color wheel to match the color, the same two methods are more suitable for a small area of color With a large area or recommend the use of neutral color can create a more comfortable home atmosphere as well as in your living room.

Tip 3: Use Your Own Most Beautiful Color

There are always a few special colors connected with our best memories, the Aegean blue, the Russian red, in the choice of color when the choice of such a color, so that ordinary items have special significance, so that your room is full of stories. Your house decoration will give you feeling comfortable and it must make you love your own nest.

Tip 4: In the Same Color with a Brighter and More Saturated Colors to Match the Soft Colors

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This mix can make the soft color from too tender, but also can make the bright color increase affinity, such as pale pink and rose with red, mint green and emerald with.

Tip 5: Do not Need to be Confined to Only Two Colors Match

Many people think that if you use too much color decoration, it will have a dazzling negative effect, so only choose two colors to match and always keep the two colors with the habit. In fact, if a large area on the choice of the theme of color, you do not have to be too small in simple things with a simple color. Life is colorful, why not let their own room is also colorful, lively and not messy, the focus is on a large area of color to grasp.

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