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Benefits of Onions

Onion is used in almost every home in Asian countries to eat and cook. In ancient Mesopotamia it had the reputation of curing everything and the most recent studies confirm more and more the vast diversity of curative and preventive powers of onion. There are certain nutrition in onions. It is a repository of precious minerals like iron, sulfur, vitamin C and copper which increase the body’s physical capacity. Thirty years ago, Naturopath Eric Nigelle said of onion that it is an energy and support food, and a protective food. And that its calcium-phosphorus content is interesting for the bones. According to Eric Nigelle’s recommendations, onion must therefore be seen as an excellent food to raise our natural defenses.

health benefits of onion

That the conjugation of the properties of the onion makes it a stimulant of the digestive system, especially of the liver and pancreas, a regulator of the intestine, a protector of the renal permeability. Onion is indeed a powerful diuretic. A simple poultice placed on the kidneys will act as a diuretic and an ointment soup will do wonders. It is a general fortifier and an agent particularly indicated for the defense of the ground, a natural antibiotic.

Today we will tell you through our website that the health benefits of onion.

Properties against cancer:-  More recently, numerous studies confirm the extraordinary powers of this vegetable plant. Today, the onion has very strong antioxidant properties. It is very rich in a wide variety of cancer protective agents. It is particularly rich in quercetin, a protective antioxidant very effective in the prevention of cancers of the digestive tract.

A study in the Netherlands showed that the more participants consumed onion every day, the lower the risk of developing stomach cancer. Scientists believe that the protection of the onion is due to its properties that prevent the proliferation of cancer cells but also because it destroys the harmful bacteria that can trigger stomach cancer.

An allergy protector and a natural anti-inflammatory:- The onion would also be very beneficial in the respiratory tract. It contains sulpherous substances that inhibit the inflammatory allergic reaction as in cases of asthma.

benefits of onion

The anti-inflammatory properties of the raw onion can be verified when undergoing an insect bite. The simple action of rubbing a slice of raw onion will relieve even the redoubtable sting of the wasp, and will make the inflammation disappear.

The friend of the diabetic:-The onion would have properties whose effect is comparable to that of insulin. It would be glucokinin that would give the onion its hypoglycemic properties. Glucokinin, which has the property of stimulating islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. Glucokinin is a genuine natural hypoglycaemic hormone that is not as fast acting as insulin drug, but is much more durable and toxic.

Good for the cardiovascular system:-The onion would still have other properties, particularly beneficial to the cardiovascular level. It would lower the cholesterol level and increase the level of “good cholesterol” HDL.

Relief from ear pain: – If you have pain in your ear or pus from it, then put onion after adding the onion juice to light. Using this method provides relief from the pain of ear pain.

Resistance of Loo: – By putting onion juice on her chapati and chest, she does not seem to be in the body.

Bleeding from the nose, bleed it off: – Snoring on raw onion stops bleeding from the nose by snoring.

Relaxation on bee bite: – If the bee cut on any part of the body, apply onion juice on that part. It provides relief from burning and pain.

Corrects the problem of digestive tract: – Eating raw onions increases the juice of food intake in the stomach, which helps in the liberation of the digestive tract.

Advantages of Arthritis: – On the juice of onion mixed with mustard oil, massage with arthritis gives benefit to the patient.

Useful for cough: – Mixing honey on the juice of onion gives a great advantage in laughter and cough.

Beneficial in the pyreia: – If you are suffering from pyreia, heat some pieces of onion on a pan. After this, press these pieces under your teeth and close your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes. If you do this, move the saliva that is collected in your mouth around it in your mouth and then flush out the saliva. Repeat this experiment regularly for 8 to 10 days 4-5 times. By doing so, the problem of the pyro ends with the root, as well as the tooth worms also die. Apart from this, gums are also strong.


Get rid of fever: – Onion juice mixed with honey and drinks the fever runs away.

Prevention of heart diseases: – Raw onion is very beneficial for food health. It prevents cholesterol levels from growing in the body, which keeps the heart healthy.

Increases the immunity of the body:-  Vitamin-C and fayto-chemicals available on the onions increase the strength of fighting our diseases.

Avoid anemia (anemia): – There is no disease like anemia in the body (iron deficiency) with iron available onion, as well as it makes the blood thicker in the body.

Beneficial in epilepsy: – If someone smells onion when a epileptic is attacked, then this patient gets cured many times

Despite these tremendous beneficial properties, it would seem that the onion is not suitable for everyone. The so-called “blood type” people who correspond to a “pita” temperament of Ayurveda medicine should not consume an onion. Generally, if the onion does not suit you, it probably is not part of your favorite foods!

The best way to know if the onion is right for you is to consult a natural health care professional.

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