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Postpartum Care for Mother

The mother has a glorious, joyful day with her baby. All the day long she spends her days in taking care of her baby. But she is not worried about of her own care. Even she doesn’t know the importance of postnatal care for the mother. The postpartum care for a mom carries the same importance as care during pregnancy.  You should pay attention to postpartum care for healthy motherhood. The postpartum period is nothing but a very small part of the time. It is 42 days just after the birth of a baby.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum care has a significant role in a mother’s life. During the postpartum period, the mother experiences a range of changes in her body and mind after delivery of her baby. Post delivery care for mother and baby helps to reduce postpartum problems. Postpartum health recovery after giving birth greatly depends on prenatal care and maternity care after delivery. However, I think following tips will help a mother as a healthcare guide.

prenatal vitamins mom and baby

Take Enough Rest

Taking rest is a topmost need that your body demands. After the long-term pressure of pregnancy and delivery, your body requires rest for a while during the postpartum period. The body should get rest for rebuilding and repair itself. Give your body enough opportunities, so that it can regain energy. For this, you may follow the following tips-

  • Have a sound sleep at night for at least 6-7 hours. And a daytime rests for 2 hours.
  • When your baby is sleeping, you may sleep with your baby.
  • Avoid heavy household

Regular Health Checkup

Don’t miss your regular health checkups after delivery. You should keep in mind that regular health checkups are basic needs for new moms during the postpartum period. The postnatal mother should care about her own health also. She has to notice any pain or discomfort and post pregnancy health problems. She can make a postnatal visit schedule of her own with a gynecologist for a postpartum visit.

Don’t be late to make a postpartum visit with your physician. Consult with your advisor and you can make a postpartum checklist that may include precautions to be taken after delivery, immediate postnatal care, personal hygiene of postnatal mother, newborn baby care after birth. Then it will easy to you for maintaining good postpartum care for both yourself and your baby at home.

Mental Health Care

Many mothers are sick after giving birth to a child.  If the postpartum care are correct then they get better again. After a child, the lifestyle of a mother become changed. In the first few months, the time passes through tension and anxiety. As the children grow up, they can come back a little bit in the previous life. To manage herself, to manage the baby, to take care of the family depends on the mother. The working mother has more pressure. Lucky those, who get support from the family. Awake at night, to eat irregularly are very common things. Even on that day, if there is no one around, she cannot go to the bathroom. She has to feed breast milk to her baby for the whole day, but there is not a time to make a glass of milk for herself. In many of these, thoughts come to many people-life is ending, and there is nothing to do.

mental health care

Every day, every time doing such a lot of work with a new routine for her new baby, mother forget to take care of herself, love herself. Slowly lost their likes and dislikes and feeling somehow depressed. In addition to this, postpartum women have tension for caring for the baby after birth. Pain both during delivery and pain after giving birth may also effect on mother’s mental health. These causes gradually depression.

This depression is known to all as postpartum depression. Prenatal and postnatal doctor visits can help to reduce postpartum depression. Due to postpartum depression, the mother cannot fit herself physically and mentally. But whatever you are in, you are the most trusted place for your baby. And maternal love is always beautiful.

Be Aware of Physical Fitness

There is a lot of changes before and after childbirth. Lack of mother’s body care after delivery is the main reason for physical unfitness. Many mothers are said to say that they do not take photos with the child due to fatness. Mothers will have to eat more because of feeding a newborn baby. The wrong idea. After being a baby, a mother should eat nutritious food in a standard quantity. During pregnancy, whose weight increases by more than 13 kg, the next time if you have the amount of food, you can reduce the weight. Tamanna Chowdhury, chief physician of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, said, “Mothers should be brought in routine eating at the time of postpartum care. Snack in the morning. Then it will be eaten after two hours every day. There is no need to eat more calories for milk. Rather, it is necessary to drink enough water. Drink two liters of water for each day, one more liter of water for the baby. ‘

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Gradually start taking care of yourself. Start walking within 10-15 minutes in the house. Walk up to 30-45 minutes. Do it twice if not possible together. There are some exercises, which can benefit you in the first three months. The body’s throat swabs will decrease, the stomach will also decrease gradually.

Rowshan Ara Begum, an Honorary Professor at Holy Family Hospital, said, “As a mother comes to change after the childbirth, there is a change in mind also. At the same time, both estrogen and progesterone hormones decreased. The mother needs two hours of sleep a day, eight hours sleep at night. Lifting a bucket of water, washing a bucket cloth – keep them closed for a while. Heavy works cannot be done at least for three months. If the mother rests, she will recover soon. ‘

 Dietary Tips

Diet is not something negative. Proper dietary management is a part of postpartum care. Tamanna Chowdhury, however, said that Protein Diet, Military Diet, GM Diet is bad for everyone during the postpartum period. He gave a guide to the new food for the new mothers. Milk, eggs are essential in every day. It is better to eat fish or meat in two times a day, this will reduce Iron deficiency. A protein that helps in curing the parts of the cut area. Those who were overly overwhelmed or who were at risk during pregnancy, had high blood pressure or diarrhea-they used to eat roti/chapati at night. After feeding the baby, become very hungry. You can eat an apple or two tablespoons of instant yogurt. You can eat four or five almond nuts or two meals biscuits, sagudana, and dates. If you want to reduce weight, reduce the weight of one kg every two weeks in the first three months. You can reduce one kg per week in the next three months. Besides, you can eat cereals, oats, and sagudana in small amounts. Skip sugar. Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits.

diet tips for moms

Iron and calcium have been eaten since pregnancy. But there is a lack of vitamin D before and after the birth of the baby. Calcium tablets will work only when vitamin D will be eaten together. The main reason for hair loss, bone pain, back pain, headache is one of the reasons why this vitamin lacks. Persona Health’s Chief Instructor Farzana Khanam said, if you do not have any physical problem, you will be able to join the gym after three months of childbirth. Yoga can also be done in normal delivery. If you cannot join the gym, start the exercise with empty hands at home. But whatever exercises, do it according to the expert’s advice.

Mother’s Clothing

mothers dress

It’s not like that a mother has to wear Maxi all time after a childbirth. During this time, designer Tahsina Shaheen thinks that a woman needs the most comfortable clothes in life. She suggested choosing cotton or linen clothing. There is a need to feed the baby again and again. If you put the chain on both sides, you will get comfort while breastfeeding your baby. Get rid of the clothes offered in a little-hinged cot in front of the dress. In the home, you can wear a Maxi gown cut dress. When the guest arrives, you will be able to apply a long koti.

You had a style of your own. To suit herself, she wore a beautiful dress. It’s not all that needs to be omitted because of being a mother. Rather, take a bit of breath again and make yourself decorate. Do your own good work. Because, if you are not good, you cannot care your child too. Surrounded by joy, the children will also be happy.

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