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Menstrual Hygiene Management to Prevent Infertility

Exactly why is menstrual hygiene is essential for girls as well as females?

Menstrual hygiene to prevent infertility might be essential in ensuring your life is perhaps not disrupted by menstruation. It provides you may keep on to your everyday routine such as visiting a school, going to perform or carrying out household chores. It might also prevent prospective situations of embarrassment even subsequently, cause you to honestly feel positive about yourself as well as the human body. In this sense, sustaining proper menstrual operation is essential for the health and development

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Half of the Bangladeshi population are women. Women do not reach the health facilities as they should. Women are most affected by the problem related to menstruation. But Bangladesh is a country where women do not like to talk about menstruation. The talk of rural areas is different, educated women and adolescents from urban areas also avoid talking about this subject. The result is that when adolescents and women are suffering from menstrual problems, they do not tell anyone about it until the disease takes the form of big trouble. Menstruation is a biological process in women’s body, so there is no such thing to hide in it. But it is inadvertently banned. The need is that if there is a problem then tell it, because not telling is not the problem, but it affects your health. Several health problems are common due to effects of poor hygiene.

Lack of information

There is a gross lack of knowledge in our society regarding menstrual hygiene management. Leave the talk of rural women; urban women also have information regarding menstruation is incomplete. Due to which many women have lack of proper hygiene during menstruation, and they are unaware of their health. Such a misconception is that in the meantime women are impure, they are filthy, whereas these things are utterly chatter.

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The use of dirty clothes is the primary reason for the disease

It is a common matter that women do not use sanitary napkins during menstruation. Instead, they use cloth. The cloth also happens, which is useless in the house. Due to use of unhygienic napkin and lack of maintenance of its proper sanitation, women become victims of various types of infection. Even today, clothes are rinsed with water only in rural areas, which is a significant cause of infection. Itching of the vagina, secretion of yellow thickness, sometimes flow of green water is also there. Often time’s women become victims of diseases such as infertility due to frequent infection. Poor hygienic condition results in fungal infection that gradually may develop and cause infertility.

Suffering due to menstruation

Every topic related to women in our country is linked to shame. Women would like to hide the menstruation, whereas everyone knows. Washing and drying clothes used in menstruation are also used to wash and dry; it is dried in the house so that no one can see it while sunbathing is necessary to eliminate germs in the clothes used during menstruation.



Government efforts are inadequate

Efforts are being made by the government to encourage women to use menstruation and sanitary napkins, but even today, sanitary napkins in the rural areas are not able to get the distribution in the same way as it should be. There is so much poverty in rural areas that people do not want to spend 5-6 rupees on sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is necessary that the government will give a free distribution of napkin. As well as conduct an awareness program to eradicate menstruation. An entity like UNICEF is working in this direction, but it is quite limited. Widespread work has to be done in this direction.


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