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Boy or Girl: Pregnancy Gender Test

Every moms-to-be or papas-to-be are thinking about the baby inside the womb, what will be he or she? From the first day of conception, they are curious about this fact. They try to know it from doctors. But doctors only can say it after 32 weeks of pregnancy. But you will be surprised that you can self, get idea about you baby to-be-born.

hot to test boy or girl

Cravings for food type:

If you are fond of sweets during your pregnancy period, guess you are going to be a mom of a girl. If you have cravings for high protein foods like meat, fish, milk, cheese and spicy foods etc. guess you will have a boy. It’s crazy you know!!

Shape of your bump:

Look, if your bump grows towards out front, your baby in the womb may be a boy. On the other hand, if your bump goes toward side to side, you may have a girl in the womb.

Morning sickness:

Morning sickness is a very common symptom of pregnancy. It appears within 1st trimester and usually disappears after this period. It’s scientifically said that, severity of morning sickness indicates that you are going to have a little angel. Normal morning sickness symptoms indicates a boy is in your womb.

Besides these ideas, you may try Avicenna’s theory.

Avicenna’s Theory:

This time I nor want to share Avicenna’s theory gender, boy or a girl. Nor get this information from the book ‘Avicenna tips for women’ by Dr. Mohd Hilmi B. Abdullah. This book describes a lot about the characteristics of young men than women. Avicenna is a scientist from Iran who lived between 980 – 1037 AD His opinion may be influenced by the Middle East. We are always eager to know about the gender of our baby who is in the mother’s body (intra-uterus). The great scientist Avicenna was discovered the theory ‘how to know the gender of a boy or girl’.

Pregnancy test

The cause of gender:

  1. Arising from male semen.
  2. The amount of semen that much.
  3. The flow of semen from the right – The semen on the right hotter
  4. Semen arising from the right kidney
  5. Easy to apply if the semen of a young man, not a teenager or older.
  6. The semen came in from the right towards the men and women on the right.

The cause of the female sex:

  1. The semen left men left women heading.

Signs during pregnancy that your baby will be a son:

gender test

  1. Blood pregnant woman’s son hotter than pregnant women.
  2. Has a lovely color.
  3. More movement.
  4. The situation clearer complexion.
  5. Appetite is more correct.
  6. Symptoms of a more manageable body.
  7. Feel the weight on the right side of the body.
  8. The male fetus will begin to move from the right.
  9. Change the color of the nipple of the breast occurs right.

– The milk will come out of the right side.

– The milk is thick and sticky.

  1. The milk such as mercury (mercury) if dripped on a mirror and is emitted toward the sun.
  2. The nipples will grow flushed.
  3. Vessels on foot maternal blood is red, not black.
  4. Pulse on the right leg is stronger maternal condition and full (with blood).
  5. Pregnant women will pick up with the right foot first.
  6. When you wake up, pregnant women rely on his right hand.
  7. The movement of the right eye of pregnant women lighter and faster.
  8. The male fetus will begin to move after three months.
  9. Saliva contains a sweet woman.
  10. Ruling for 25 to 30 days.

It is a boy or it is a girl

Signs during pregnancy that your baby will be a daughter:

  1. Female fetus will begin to move after four months.
  2. Saliva contains a bitter woman.
  3. Ruling for 35 to 40 days.

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