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Fashion Trend with Blue Color

Blue is a symbol of the long seas, the sky, the magic and the magic are considered to wear an unhealthy yellowness and to create a beautiful feminine image, match a blue dress and blue color is very impressive as evening dresses. Now it is summer, blue summer dress is better choice in this season.

What to wear as a blue dress

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You remember from the fairy tales of your favorite children, all those good magicians, magicians, astrologers and alchemists were wearing blue clothes. His secret is in addition to a shadow stability, confidence and peace of mind. Has lost relevancy and has not been released for tolerating the tight energy that many centuries ago. In the closet of the modern woman’s blue dress as casual dresses, do not be repeated once again. The fashion trend has changed into a group under the sign of long things of the weather should be” translated into Russian instrument, which should be “. This dress should be combined with other items of clothing to achieve the desired result. Could.

For example, the blue dress for the office can be combined with the jacket or blazer, and can be combined with a knitted jacket or cardigan for the city.

The color dress can be complemented with a beautiful fur vest or belt. Well, blue cocktail dress is versatility in terms of long-term competition with a little black dress. Fine properly selected image and equipment when selected in a costume, the woman can become the center of attention for leaving well-decorated Brocade Evening Gown behind her.

What is the point of attention and to match a blue dress? – A dress for blue with brown, blue and gray-green eyes blue hair and eyes color

When choosing the accessories

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Important factor, there is no need to choose any bright accessories. The color of natural eyes effectively define the dark blue or blue shades of lipstick, in harmony with the color of the dress, add them with meaningful makeup eyes silent colors. Only need to. Brunette with walnuts eyes Choose the accessories with a specialty of white or golden color, and possibly some of the blue ones. It is recommended to abandon the colors. When the wrong selection of these colors will reflect badly on the skin, it will shine yellowing, and also the very old image. In turn, the blonde eyes are well suited in bright colors Owners of bright shades of blue (blue, aqua, turquoise, and cornflower). A good option for women with the color of other hair is golden stuff, silver, pearl, gray and d Blue color dress will be used to combine the color with gray color. If the dress is bright and saturated, then the bag should be brief as per the stuff and in turn, focusing on the attention of others, acts as the center of the composition. It should be remembered that the attention is not distracted from the costume. About the choice of addition to the blue dress – looks equally good as stockings, and black and leather color tights. Lovers of creativity you choose bright, blue, pink, green, red or orange leggings or stocking and matching accessories to choose them but we should not forget about restraint.

Special note – A classic is considered blue and gold

Yellow is a combination of this combination and is a symbol related to the higher class of society. It is not that there is a combination of widely used in heraldry to decorate the paternal coat of arms for no reason, and ancient in the period it was the symbol of the imperial power. Color and gold and yellow are selected on the basis of the primary color of the dressed attire.

Wear a blue dress and what to match

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– Shoes

As for the shoes, it all depends on the selected image and the color of the dress, traditional classical finishing ranges from bright colors and rich colors to a fairly wide choice. For example – emphasizing the refinement of blue, black shoes, the profitable shoes will look in silver colors and rather reserved, but at the same time allow very bright and rich blue dress to wear. The blue denim dress is combined with the best brown shoe, and complement the image of leather handbags and jewelry.

Blue colors should be known only that all women are appropriate – just wear and match a blue dress and it is profitable to emphasize the colors of bright and color skin and hair that the supplement of them suppress the selection of this dress. Need to know what is not to be afraid of.

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