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Fashion Style: Designer Dresses

A style – it is a philosophy of life of the beautiful style, clothing is expressed in internal self is a kind of evaluation of the state, not just ways to definitely watch, courtesy of gestures, moveability to sit and even silent. It is only that here it is considered that the quality of such an important presence, cannot be learned from the nature of nature. A spun elegant man with style always looks good and confident, but the proportion of ego and self-confidence, details, flavor and without a sense of perfection – the main criteria for a person. There are almost all the women in the world who want style, – elegant in the dress.

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Fashion is also Goddess, unrivaled coco channel, fashion passes, but style remains. This is the reason that the demand sought by many for their own style but not specifically those people who are on the fancy of designers to depend on. Before you answer the question of how to make your own style of dress you need to understand what the style is and the difference between fashion and style.

What’s the style?

Style concept includes a combination of many components what style Cloth, shoes, and other accessories match each other, as well as the place where they put on, the appearance of the weather, person, character and person, this is the style that can be argued. Not an easy task – However, to find your personal style. Such searches will take any year, but it may actually be worth it. But how to make your own style of clothing? To do this, you must learn to choose between many fashion tools such as that in size and form a person will match their way to life, habits, and interests as well.


Of course, this problem overnight is not a possible solution. However, the process of finding your own style can be very exciting, very much. An innocent presence and admiration must be given, a reward for effort!

How to make your style of dress? How to style your own style?

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To build your own style, many important and mandatory steps are required to pass:

Define with desires:  Simply put, you need to identify yourself with the final result. Try to define the style you want to follow. What do want for your style, maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dresses, party dresses, evening dresses, summer dresses, long dresses, which type will you select? You always look beautiful or attractive beautiful she wants to? Perhaps, their target – an eccentric and flamboyant style or vice versa, is the sexy image, wanted desperately to do? You can also learn more about the air and the way you do not want to see anything should be considered.

Choose a color: A wrong color of cloth can also ruin its design with the most sophisticated, as well as adding a few extra years, man, you can define your face and hair tone. You should define and choose a color combination. What color you like, yellow dress, red dress, black dress or white dress?

Pay attention to the figure. This is also very important. It is essential to analyze all the advantages and losses of the picture. Pay attention to the ratio of height and body. The best of all, of course, the size (for example, “hourglass” or “pear”) type of figure easily find information that might help with the clothes visually correct figure flaws this information is not required – it is very useful when selecting a style of clothing. Analyze the situation and say that often around you. All this requires you to move, in which direction you should give an indication. You can wear evening dresses at the same time. And should be placed on high enrichment if you, for example, a young mother and spend a lot of time on the road with a stroller?

Investigation of trends. It is not allowed to do this despite the fact that fashion is not paying attention, it is less stable than style. Fashion – a compulsory addition style. It is certainly not worth it by closing the eyes Follow. But it is also impossible to ignore the designer’s recommendations.

Analyze the styles: This phase can be considered as the final. Find information about what features of each style of the cloth. Look closely at the picture for details. Together with the results of the research that you have previously organized with the add (so the appearance, size, with respect to their type of lifestyle, interests and so on.), you can do that, it matches well the other findings that select styles And do not be afraid to experiment Sometimes we do not have doubts that may come to better it!

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Do not be afraid to experiment. They are often advising him on making his own style of clothing

Do not be scared to use professional stylists. They advise to like branded things. But it is not that they are doing better. Only brand brands always seem to be through style to small detail but should be done in a stylish way. If you do not have the opportunity to buy branded clothes in stores, then take a closer look at the things: design flaws you to correct is

Has passed all the steps on the path of your own style, but you are not quite satisfied with the result? That too is possible! Chances are that you (not, for example, figure features) are considered in some aspects but for some, there is a profession of a stylist who has to be trained for a long time. Is there a need for you professionals to apply it?

Beautiful style of dress: Eternal style as the first mention dictates and defines, there are four basic styles, as the basis of all other genres, fascinated and crowded. Update the right cut and excellent quality of a detailed design dress is considered in compliance with the clothes general, it is not too much of everything cannot be removed or added, the need of which or some accidental, Which needs to create a harmonious image.

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Giving dignity and allow delicate flavor disparagingly to unimaginable framing nails, make-up small details treated in this image and more unpolished shoes dirty it all can only veils, hats, cuff links, as in the case of a stick or a cigarette the “practical No place left in things is aimed at simplicity and practicality in a beautiful style, where in today’s fashion. Style elegance, ostriches, in any form that can be revealed, will not accept faker. At its core, it is not in the possession of handmade items in this special and final place.

Suitor an introduction Welcome made by an individual or by hand an ensemble fine art to put on the painting, embroidery, jewelry and accessories should speak without a cottage industry or amateur work slightest hint, ingeniously subtle and sophisticated Should be of good quality. A fit jacket with a costume or skirt or pants from the classic and retro style of the main ladies clothing, but it is also believed to be lending A beautiful lady.

Latest styles:

Funny hallmark was in man’s pants suits cut modern, sexy and beautiful girl of the mysterious image – fitted silhouette, flowing lines of a little hair and bright makeup, cuffs rolled up shirt.

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