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How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Hair

First Parent Hood is the most beautiful and thrilling period of life of a couple. Care of first child like a daunting and complicated task found by many parents. Changing diapers, dressing the baby, wipe the body or giving birth make every parent feeling fear and worry. Parents are afraid of their child’s well-being. So they cannot complete a task without fear of doing something wrong.

How to wash baby hair

Some babies are born with a right amount of hair on their head. Maximum may have a little hair on the head or may have no hair at all. Whatever it is the baby’s head should be washed at regular interval to maintain hygiene of the baby.

The newborn baby progresses to the young infant after four weeks or 1 month approximately. The mothers need to start giving birth and washing baby’s head twice in a week. While cleaning head, apply the small amount of baby shampoo to baby’s hair. Remember that the baby shampoo must be tear free, sulfate free and fragrance-free or less fragrance.

How to wash?

The water you are going to use for the head washing of the baby should be warm to your skin temperature. It should not be too hot or cold. Check the temperature of the water with your elbow or hand.

Arrange all equipment’s near the baby bathtub – 2 soft towels, nappy, clean clothing, cotton ball, baby shampoo, a piece of thin and soft cotton cloth. Undress your baby, first wrap the baby in a soft towel.

Hold the baby with one hand. Place small cotton balls in the ear to prevent entry of the water into the ear. Clean the face with water and cotton cloth.

Wet the head with plain water. Softly rub on scalp and hair. Apply a tiny amount of baby shampoo on hair and massage it gently on the hair. After some time while proper massaging ensured, rinse off the hair with fresh water thoroughly. Ensure all the shampoo is washed away, if shampoo is not removed correctly, it will make the scalp dry and later can cause scalp problems like dandruff. Don’t let your baby sit inside the soapy water. It may cause your babies urinary tract infection.

Don’t wash your baby’s hair daily. It should be washed on an as need basis. Never leave your baby alone in a bathtub. The may fall due to slippery soap water.

Wear the baby warm, soft cloths. The cloth should be comfortable enough for the baby otherwise it may cause the rash on your baby’s skin.

Choose a shampoo for your baby:

best baby shampoo in market

A baby is very sensitive to allergens. So, it’s important to carefully select the best shampoo for your baby. Shampoo those are made for the adult, should not be used for a baby. We would love to recommend you Shop Natural and Organic Baby Gifts at for your baby. You may get a significant discount while shopping there. Right now they are providing 10% off all the products. It will cause harm to your baby’s scalp, skin and may cause tear also. The adult shampoo contains sulfate which causes the tearing of your baby. Baby shampoo should be sulfate free. The baby shampoo should be capable of removing oils, dirt particles, dandruff and other contaminant particles. It should have a unique formula for infants and children. Sulfate is responsible for dry skin, dry scalp, frizziness and eczema on scalp. So, it is better to avoid sulfate containing shampoo. There are the different brands whose shampoo doesn’t contain sulfate. Common ingredients should be in a baby shampoo are citric acid, sodium hydroxide, PEG-150 di-stearate, PEG-80 sorbitol laureate, cocamido-propyl-betain, mild fragrance, water etc.

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