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Good Newborn Sleep Pattern Help in Development of Baby

The birth of the baby is a great joy for their parents, but when the baby does not sleep at night, often parents will be uneasy, restless, and unable to sleep well. “I just want to sleep well!” I believe this is a small wish for many caregivers. This article will tell the distress of the parents, in the end how to do to make your baby obediently sleep at night, and feel dawn! A good sleep of your newborn baby can give you escape from these type of depression. But there are so many problems with newborn sleep pattern. It is not easy for you to make your baby sleep without having enough knowledge of newborn sleep pattern

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Newborn Sleeping too Much

Mackay Memorial Hospital freshwater hospital pediatric attending physician Zhang Long said that the fetus in the uterus when growing, there is no day and night points. Therefore, for the newly born baby, there is no day during the day is usually clear, the time of activity, the night is the sleep time this concept.

Newborn Baby Behavior

Newborns in addition to eating in the day, sleep time about 16 to 18 hours. 1 month after birth, the baby, less food intake, eating more and the short sleep cycle and other characteristics, so caregivers must spend more effort on his body. Usually, this stage of the baby, sleep in the sleep ratio is higher, so often have half awake, or sleep wake up the state. Because the baby from the shallow sleep into the deep sleep must spend more time, it is recommended that caregivers at this time not to appease the baby too much or give too much stimulation, try to let him sleep, in order to avoid the baby must follow the same pattern To fall asleep.

Baby Daily Schedule

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Zhang Long physician pointed out that the baby more than 1 month to 2 months, it is recommended that caregivers will be able to take the initiative to establish a regular schedule for him to let him understand the day is the time of the evening will be obediently sleeping. While controlling the baby to drink milk time, this way, the baby will be able to feel dawn. Here are some suggested practices.

  1. Establish the law of the baby’s rest

Regular care and rest so that the baby can know in advance what will happen next. For example, the baby gets up after drinking milk, then let him play (activities), take a nap in the afternoon, then drink milk, and then ready to take a bath, sleep. Every day at the same time to do the same thing so that everything is the logic of the law, the baby will have a sense of security. Caregivers can also use this law for the rest, understand the baby’s real needs, and meet him.

  1. Develop your baby’s day and night view

Usually, the baby in 2 to 3 months old, will start the day and night concept. During the day, when the baby in the rest or lunch break, should let him try to sleep in a bright or bright environment; night really want to sleep, to dim the lights, at most, to open a weak little light. Let the baby understand the daytime and night sleep environment is different, the baby will gradually distinguish between day and night difference, and will slowly get used to day and night practice mode.

  1. Let your baby sleep in a bed alone

Although not necessarily let the baby alone to sleep a room, but at least, let the baby alone sleep in their own bed. In addition to this can prevent the baby to interfere with the care of the sleep, but also as soon as possible to let your baby “sleep their own bed”, and even familiar with the sleeping environment.

  1. Comfort baby from simple

When the baby woke up in the middle of the night or want to drink night, it is recommended that caregivers do not open the lights. Try to keep your baby in the “night” state. In the time to appease the baby, do not overly extravagant, but this will wake up the baby. Whether it is to appease or breastfeeding, everything is simplistic, so that the baby can quickly enter the sleep state.

  1. Let the baby fall asleep

When the baby appears such as rubbing his eyes, grasping the ears or sucking fingers and other actions, you can put the baby on his own bed, ready to let him sleep. If the baby cry, try not to pick up the baby from the bed, do not hold in his arms to sleep. The best way is to let the baby continue to lie on the bed, with some effective way to appease her (for example: singing late piano, give him nipples, etc.), let him sleep slowly.

How to Sleep Your Baby Fast: Tricks & Tips


One of the most favorite rewards is Gift. Baby loves to introduce itself to new toys and gifts. So, Shop Natural and Organic Baby Gifts at BurtsBeesBaby.com and provide them at night before sleeping. If their mind is satisfied, they will sleep automatically getting these type of rewards. You may choose some brainstorming games and written puzzle type games so that, their brain goes cool down easily and as a result attempt to sleep. Dr. Zhang suggested that caregivers can take the initiative to design a “sleep ceremony” for the baby, with these fixed activities to let the baby know that the time to sleep. For example, the caregiver every day before the baby sleep, say a little story to the baby to listen to the baby to do the whole body massage or create and baby interactive games. These fixed “rituals” continue to be done before going to bed every day. Over time, the baby will know that it is time to sleep. However, it should be noted that, although not necessarily the time to sleep every day must be specified in a few minutes, but do these “sleep ceremony”, or as far as possible in the same period, will not let the baby confused.

Is it Necessary to Have Your Baby Drink Milk?

Zhang Long physician pointed out that if the baby has more than 1 month, and during the day have enough milk to drink, in fact, the middle of the night meal is no longer necessary. Sometimes the caregiver “initiative” for the baby to establish the habit of drinking milk, if not let the baby drink milk, the health will not have a great impact. And how to let the baby quit it? Dr. Zhang suggested several ways, as follows:

  1. The second meal before going to bed to let the baby drink milk a little less, to the bed before the meal and let the baby drink a little more, so the baby midnight hungry chance will be able to reduce many.
  2. To extend the time to drink: With the baby’s age, the frequency of milk less, caregivers can slowly meal and meal between the interval elongation, for example, before the fixed three o’clock to feed, to extend To four o’clock, again is five, slowly, the baby can quit the night milk, sleep until dawn.

The importance of sleep on the baby

Zhang Long physician said that the baby in sleep, especially in the sleeping stage, will be a lot of secretion of growth hormone. Therefore, sleep for all aspects of growth is very fast baby is very important. For the baby, the best sleep environment is dark, or only a weak little light. If the baby is not accustomed to this sleeping environment, it is recommended that the caregiver or by the effective way to appease (for example: talk to her, hold his hand or accompany him, etc.), the establishment of the baby’s sense of security, Let the baby himself to sleep, slowly let him used to sleep in the dark environment, the baby is the best.


Education: Graduated from the Department of Medicine, National Taiwan University

Experience: Mackay Memorial Hospital Chief Physician of Pediatrics; Mackay Memorial Hospital Children First Aid Cardiology Physician; Pediatric Specialist; Infectious Disease Specialist; Child Emergency Medical Secondary Specialist

Current: Mackay Memorial Hospital freshwater hospital pediatric attending physician

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