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I’m a medical science student and love to write the magazine, news, helpful articles on health and beauty. I wished to write all my learning things on my websites when I’ve admitted to my college. Sometimes for extra pressure of huge medical study and examination, I can not continue writings. But whenever I get some free moment I start writing on my blog and on this website.

I’ve completed my graduation B.Sc in Nursing from Rangpur Nursing College. Now I’m a lecturer at a Nursing College. I live in Rangpur in Bangladesh. I’ve admitted on M.Sc in Islami University, Kustia.

All of us know that Health is Wealth. Some people are aware of health and some piece of people don’t care about health. Similarly, some people are very serious about their beauty and some other are careless to beautify their face and body. We the founder of learnitech.com discover a unique idea to provide and express the awareness of health and beauty among the people.

At learnitech, we will publish contents regularly based on health and beauty and sometimes on Technology. Why will we write on Technology? Because we believe that only technological knowledge is power. It’s true that knowledge is power, except for the 20th-century folks, I need to edit the line and say Technological knowledge is power. Technology is everyplace, from birth to death of a baby these days is encircled with technology. The majority of the merchandise or product they victimization for his or her style like sensible Watch, fitness checker, Head Mounted show, and the ton a lot of the trendy forms of technology. Science has given us plenty of technological product and that we the shoppers became relied on them. That’s why we are also committed to serving the Technological knowledge.

There are no parents who don’t love their child. So, every parent especially mother can collect information published on baby care.

Are you alone at home? And feeling sick? Feel free to check our articles about Home Remedy. We publish different types of home remedy on our website.

We love to write, love to do research, love our visitors who care about our articles published on our website learnitech.com